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NPPN members around the country are achieving greater accuracy, efficiency, and safety while helping to improve patient care quality in healthcare.

The National Phlebotomy Provider Network members improve patient care by developing consensus-based standards that enable laboratories, practitioners, and technicians to fulfill their responsibilities most effectively through high-quality testing practices.


Our national membership shares a common mission: to develop and promote the use of standards that are respected worldwide to improve patient care. Our members come from prestigious and innovative organizations of all sizes, and are the backbone that supports NPPN’s ability to facilitate access to world class diagnostic care. In turn, we support our members with a range of invaluable products, programs, and services that help them to continually improve quality in their own work.


As an NPPN member:

  • Participate in developing new state-of-the-art practices for specimen collection, delivery, analysis and diagnosis
  • Contribute your ideas and best practices expertise
  • Find opportunities for strategic alliances and partnerships to boost your business
  • Improve your standing as an organization and as a professional


Members are featured in profiles on this website and in external communications.

Only NPPN membership gives you this one-of-a-kind opportunity, with a wealth of added benefits. Don’t hesitate, join now!


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