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The National Phlebotomy Provider Network is a is a 501c6 non-profit corporation. Our mission is to provide access to world class diagnostic care and research.  As a not for profit organization we depend on your donation to provide outreach to critical need populations and support the cutting edge reseach in diagnostic innovation that will produce better healthcare for all.


The organization brings together the disparate elements of the specimen delivery chain –phlebotomists, delivery agencies, laboratories, hospitals, research organizations, government oversight agencies and scientists– into a collaborative, consensus-building association with the single-minded goal of improving this critical component of the national healthcare delivery system.


By improving collection and delivery procedures, electronic data transfers, analytical and diagnostic methods and member organization business practices, we improve patient care.

NPPN fosters collaboration, information exchange and strategic partnerships among our members. We keep the membership updated on developments within our field. We provide seminars, webinars and other learning events. We work together to create uniform standards and best practices.


Help our industry move closer to our shared goal of patient-centric healthcare. Join our organization and contribute your ideas and expertise. Learn from your peers.


Be part of the solution with a donation. Your donation will support our outreach to critical need populations, and help us continue to support the cutting edge research discovering new diagnostics and advancing better healthcare, one patient at a time. The National Phlebotomy Provider Network is a 501c6 nonprofit organization and your donation may be tax-deductible*. It certainly will be valuable to the patients we serve.

* Please contact your tax advisor re tax deductibility.


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