MobiLab Express

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MobiLabExpress is a the direct services division of The National Phlebotomy Provider Network, specializing in mobile specimen collection, processing and delivery services for medical diagnostic and research purposes.
The company began in 2006, as an informal effort to respond to a gap in care created for many patients by changes in medicare reimburement policies regarding in-home support services provided to home bound and limited mobility individuals. One of these issues was that Medicare would no longer pay for a home care nurse to go to a patients home just to collect a blood sample. As a result, most home care agencies stopped providing this service to their patients.
 So in 2006 Mr. Cron, the founder of our organization, began providing local home phlebotomy to non-ambulatory patients in home care and others with limited mobility. The demand for this service quickly grew and in 2007 MobiLabExpress was incorporated as a regional laboratory support services business focused on in-home medical specimen collection, processing and delivery. The objective was to create a new company that would try to solve the problem of factured care by providing a needed allied healthcare service in a model designed to meet each patients needs and consistently achieve exceptional patient care outcomes.
 Since 2007, in response to the overwhelming need for comprehensive, personalized allied healthcare services and because of our dedication to a personalized approach for each client, our company has grown by leaps and bounds each year. Our company now provides mobile and on-site medical and research specimen collection, processing, and delivery support services for a variety of customer constituencies, including physicians and non-physician practitioners in private and group practice, skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, home care agencies, medical diagnostic laboratories, commercial corporations, medical research groups, biotech companies and, of course, thousands of individual patients and their families. They all confirm that there is a strong need for mobile medical services.
 The company is owned and operated by nurses and technicians with decades of experience and cross trained in multiple allied healthcare specialties. We presently have two physicians on our advisory board and a pathologist licensed medical laboratory director serves as the company’s medical director.
 Our continuing mission is to provide an honest, professional, and patient centered approach to allied healthcare services. We are proud of what we have accomplished so far and we will continue to provide our clients, patient and their families the absolute best in patient care.