We can and we will improve healthcare.

The National Phlebotomy Provider Network is a professional association of organizations and individuals responsible for the collection, delivery, analysis, and diagnosis of blood specimens. NPPN is a 501c6 nonprofit organization whose members include phlebotomists, collection and delivery companies, laboratories, hospitals and other allied healthcare agencies.


Our Mission

The mission of the NPPN is to facilitate access to cutting-edge, world-class diagnostic care and research. We support and advocate for our members, our clients, and their patients in the pursuit of evidence-based medicine founded on the best diagnostic data available. We are dedicated to advancing our profession by establishing uniform standards of care and best practices. 

Historically, our industry has been highly fragmented. While NPPN member firms continue to operate as independent business entities, we recognize the benefits of better communication, collaboration and standardization of work processes to improve the delivery and coordination of care. We continually pursue a higher level of collaboration with all key players in the healthcare delivery lifecycle: Patients, practitioners, employers, payers, government regulatory authorities, industry opinion leaders and others.

The stakes are high. The National Institute of Health estimates that errors in data transmission cost the healthcare industry $300 billion a year1 , and an individual healthcare organization loses 15 to 25 percent of its operating budget to problems with communications and data2 .


NPPN addresses these issues by promoting shared standards for data and work practices. NPPN has a laboratory director, and a uniform policy and procedure set that applies to all its members, and (although not required) we are in pursuit of CLIA licensure in each state that we operate in. Working together and in line with ACA technology & integration mandates, we can identify problem areas, standardize interfaces of partner EMR/EHR and LIS systems, and reduce errors and duplications. We can build mutually-beneficial partnerships and strategic alliances that extend our service areas and strengthen our businesses, creating a seamless delivery system from clinical and research medical collection to test orders and results. In doing so, we will do our part to provide access to world class diagnostics and improve patient care outcomes.

1 “Big Data Analytics in Healthcare: Promise and Potential,” National Center for Biotechnology Information, author W Raghupathi, 2014

2 “Improving Data Warehouse and Business Information Quality: Methods for Reducing Costs and Increasing Profits,” author Larry P. English, Wiley Publishing, 1999

Our History

The impetus behind the National Phlebotomy Provider Network began in a spirit of collaboration: In a discussion group at the first Independent Phlebotomy Providers Conference in 2014, an event hosted by Bayside Mobile Medical Service of San Francisco. In attendance were independent mobile phlebotomy, specimen collection, and delivery organizations. We ended that conference forming a strategic alliance, The National Phlebotomy Provider Network (NPPN), to extend our individual and collective coverage areas, establish common standards and best practices and pursue other common objectives.

Today and going forward, NPPN embraces that same spirit of collaboration, seeking input and participation from all of our members.


Key Elements

  • Focus on Partnerships among practitioners, clinical and research labs, hospitals and clinics, government regulatory authorities, and industry opinion leaders
  • Commitment to Cost Containment by all providers within the specimen delivery system
  • Investment in Innovation and Best Practices to improve our member businesses and to comply with ACA Technology & Integration mandates
  • Patient-Centered Care Model where our efforts to improve our business practices are guided by our desire to improve patient care outcomes.


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