NPPN Biotech Facility Services

Getting lab work done is easy! NPPN serves as a partner to Biotech facilities: we are your fast, affordable, professional source to collect any type of human specimen that you or your team may use for diagnosis and treatment, from blood samples to stool specimens, and to transport it to the lab for processing. We are available on-demand, on a per draw, by appointment basis.


NPPN mobile specimen providers are experienced professionals who are committed to patient care and to meeting the unique needs of the biotech community:

  • Law Enforcement Forensic Labs: NPPN providers understand the importance of documentation of response times and the protocols that protect chain of custody. As a mobile service, we can respond to a variety of locations, from medical facilities to accident sites, and can collect specimens even with difficult or combative subjects.
  • Biotech Research Facilities: Your NPPN mobile phlebotomist will collect samples at your facility or at the subject’s home or place of business, which allows your team to focus on research and development protocols.


Your NPPN phlebotomy team will draw blood and perform other duties with the utmost sensitivity to your subject’s well-being. We are experts in special needs, including needle phobia, difficult veins, and anxiety.


NPPN Biotech Facility Services FAQ

How much does it cost?

Fees are based on the complexity of the service required and your location in one of our service areas. Fees include specimen collection, the blood draw by the lab technician (venipuncture), specimen preparation and processing, and the delivery of specimens to the lab for testing.


NPPN mobile specimen services are typically much less expensive than hiring a nurse to do the procedures, or transporting the subject to a medical facility or lab.


Contact your NPPN provider for a quote based on the services you need and your distance from the NPPN provider and the lab.


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When will results be available? 

NPPN providers deliver patient specimens to the laboratory that you select the same day we collect them from your facility.


NPPN providers work closely with all major laboratories. In our experience, most lab test results are available within two to three business days. Some tests require more time to analyze, but normally even these test results are completed within one week.


Can I get a copy of my patient’s test results?

Test results are sent by the laboratory performing the testing directly to the biotech representative or ordering physician that ordered the test. Your NPPN provider does not receive a copy of your lab results. 


Is there an NPPN Mobile Specimen company in my area?

NPPN mobile specimen companies are in many areas of the country. Contact us today to find a provider in your area!


How do I schedule an appointment?

Simply click the “Book an Appointment” button below!


The NPPN Patient/Provider Services system allows you to easily create an account, and you can track and your patient’s activity and any personal service requests.


Call or email the NPPN Client Service Center:

Phone: (888) 778-7403



Information we Need for your Appointment

When you set an appointment with an NPPN provider, we will collect information on the services you want for your patient, your location and desired appointment time, and a copy of your lab order. This information-gathering process verifies your specimen processing and handling requirements, and ensures that the correct tests are completed on time. 



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