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Getting lab work done is easy! NPPN serves as a partner to home care providers: we are your fast, affordable, professional source to collect any type of specimen that a doctor or healthcare facility may use for diagnosis and treatment, from blood samples to stool specimens, and to transport it to the lab for processing. We are available on-demand, on a per draw, by appointment basis. By using an NPPN mobile phlebotomist, your facility team can focus on providing superior patient care.


NPPN mobile specimen providers are experienced professionals who are committed to patient care. We will draw blood and perform other duties with the utmost sensitivity to your patient’s well-being. We are experts in patients with special needs, including needle phobia, difficult veins, and anxiety. To lessen a patient’s anxiety, schedule your NPPN provider with a standing order so your patient can get accustomed to the same phlebotomist.

Navigating the healthcare field today can often be overwhelming to the patient and family. The complex care systems, multilevel management, and fractured communication between them too often leaves the patient and their family feeling lost, frustrated and confused. You can trust us as a partner in providing the best care possible to your patients and their families. Let us help your team focus on nursing care by allowing us to collect, process and delivery your patient’s laboratory order, wherever it needs to go. Our team has been specializing in specimen collection for home bound and limited mobility individuals for over a decade. We have the experience and skill required to support your agency and your patients. 

What can we do for you? 

We provide you and your patients with the most convenient, comfortable, and cost efficient way to access the laboratory testing their practitioner prescribes. We specialize in mobile and on-site specimen collection, processing and delivery services. Our mobile medical specimen collection and delivery solutions makes getting lab work easy. No more wasting valuable nursing hours just to draw blood. And your patients wont have to waste money arranging for expensive non-empergency transort just to end up waiting in line at a local lab or hospital for hours just to be stuck in the arm by an unsympathetic technician. 

Our mobile specimen collection solutions are available for individuals, doctors, medical laboratories, skilled nursing, assisted living facilities, home care agencies and medical research projects. We collect and transport all types of specimens that a healthcare provider may request and use for diagnosis and treatment or for researchers conducting pre-clinical and clinical trial investigations. Whether your patients need a blood sample taken or a stool specimen tested, we can give you the help you need from the comfort and convenience of thier home. 

We are changing the way people think about phlebotomists (lab techs) and laboratory services one patient at a time. Unfortunately, most national corporate labs have developed a very poor reputation among doctors and patients alike. Lost specimens and indifference to patient care and comfort are common complaints. Painful, bruised venipuncture sites, multiple needle sticks, and nervous and hurried interaction are the result of inexperienced and transitory staffing at most laboratories. If you have special needs; difficult veins, needle phobia, anxiety, repeat testing (standing orders), we can help make getting lab tests done more comfortable, convenient, and worry free. 

We believe in patient centered care. After all, we’re patients too and know what its like to suffer the indignity of impersonal, unsympathetic, and poorly trained medical personnel. With more than 50 years combined experience in the allied healthcare field, we have the experience to provide the best in patient care.

Our caring, skilled, and compassionate technicians can come to your patients home or place of business, or your office, to perform specimen collection for any laboratory. 


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NPPN Home Care Services FAQ

How much does it cost?

Fees are based on the complexity of the service required and your location in one of our service areas. Fees include specimen collection, the blood draw by the lab technician (venipuncture), specimen preparation and processing, and the delivery of specimens to the lab for testing.


NPPN mobile specimen services are typically much less expensive than a visit by a homecare or hospice care nurse, or transportation by cab to a local lab.


Contact your NPPN provider for a quote based on the services you need and your distance from the NPPN provider and the lab.

Is my patient’s lab test covered by insurance?

The cost of the testing at the laboratory is typically covered by your patient’s insurance carrier. The fee for an NPPN provider to visit your office or the patient’s home for mobile specimen collection, processing, and transport may or may not be covered; contact your patient’s insurance provider for details.


There are circumstances in which your patient’s mobile specimen collection is covered by insurance. If your patient is a member of a contracted medical group like United Healthcare, Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Kaiser Permanente, Hill Physicians Medical Group, Brown & Toland Medical Group and a number of others, he or she may receive mobile specimen collection and transport at no cost or at a discount. We may be able to help you determine if your plan covers mobile specimen collection services, or please contact your patient’s network practitioner to determine if mobile services are covered.

If your patient is not a member of a contracted medical group, your NPPN provider will provide you with the information you need to submit a claim for reimbursement from your patient’s insurance company. Reimbursement rates for specimen collection and transport vary by insurance carrier. An order for mobile lab services from your patient’s doctor may help you obtain reimbursement. 

We recognize that cost share arrangements are common in healthcare and sometimes necessary. As such, our billing department can arrange to “split” the cost of our services with any parties involved in the patients care, with their consent. 

We can also accommodate any other third party payor arrangements. For example, if you are a concierge agency who prefers to “package” your services or you just simply wish to pay for our service on behalf of your patients, in whole or in part, our billing department will create an account for you. 


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When will results be available? 

NPPN providers deliver patient specimens to the laboratory that you or your practitioner selected the same day we collect them from your facility.

NPPN providers work closely with all major laboratories. In our experience, most lab test results are available within two to three business days. Some tests require more time to analyze, but normally even these test results are completed within one week. Contact your patient’s physician or the lab to confirm when your patient’s results will be available.


Can I get a copy of my patient’s test results?

Test results are sent directly to the physician who ordered the test. In some states, testing labs are prohibited from releasing lab results to a patient. Your NPPN provider does not receive a copy of your lab results. Contact your patient’s physician to get a copy of your test results.


Is there an NPPN Mobile Specimen company in my area?

NPPN mobile specimen companies are in many areas of the country. Contact us today to find a provider in your area!


How do I schedule an appointment?

Simply click the “Book an Appointment” button below!


The NPPN Patient/Provider Services system allows you to easily create an account, and you can track and your patient’s activity and any personal service requests.


Call or email the NPPN Client Service Center:

Phone: (888) 778-7403



Information we Need for your Appointment

When you set an appointment with an NPPN provider, we will collect information on the services you want for your patient, your location and desired appointment time, and a copy of your lab order. This information-gathering process verifies your specimen processing and handling requirements, and ensures that the correct tests are completed on time. 


Book your appointment in Advance!

Remember to allow time for lab tests to be completed before your patient’s next doctor appointment. While most lab tests can be completed in two to three business days, some require more time to analyze. We recommend that you schedule an appointment with us at least two to three weeks before your patient’s next doctor appointment. 



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Requesting Services

In order to begin requesting services you’ll need to establish a client account. You will need to provide your contact and practice information as well as validate your authorization to order laboratory and other medical services by providing your NPI number and/or your practice license number.

After you’ve registered, you can then begin requesting services. When requesting service we will need to collect some information from you to assure you receive the correct service, at the correct time, at the correct place and that your specimens are handled and delivered properly. One of the most important pieces of information we will need from you is a copy of the lab order(s) prior to scheduling an appointment. This is important because it is critical to verify the specimen processing and handling requirements. Doing this helps prevent errors and ensures that the correct tests are completed on time. And, as with most medical services, we have a patient registration process to assure that we have collected all necessary information to provide your patients with the requested service. 

Convenient ONLINE Ordering

The most convenient way to refer your patients to us for service or to submit your request for an appointment is by submitting your request online through our website. This system allows you to easily create an account, collect the information we need to provide you and your patients service, and you can submit and track your service requests from creation to completion. Once you submit a request it automatically and immediately goes into a que that is reviewed several times a day by our service coordinators. This service request management system helps us assure that your requests don’t get lost or overlooked and enables us to collect all the necessary information we need to successfully provide you and your patients with excellent specimen collection support service. 

Of course, you may also call our Client Service Center or submit your request by email or fax.