Our mobile medical specimen collection and delivery service makes getting lab work easy. No more waiting in line at a local lab or hospital for hours just to be stuck in the arm by an unsympathetic technician. 

Our mobile specimen collection service is available for individuals, doctors, medical laboratories, skilled nursing, assisted living facilities, and medical research projects. We collect and transport all types of specimens that a doctor or healthcare provider may request and use for diagnosis and treatment. Whether you need a blood sample taken or a stool specimen tested, we can give you the help you need from the comfort and convenience of your home or office. 

We are changing the way people think about phlebotomists (lab techs) and laboratory services one patient at a time. Unfortunately, most national corporate labs have developed a very poor reputation among doctors and patients alike. Lost specimens and indifference to patient care and comfort are common complaints. Painful, bruised venipuncture sites, multiple needle sticks, and nervous and hurried interaction are the result of inexperienced and transitory staffing at these laboratories. If you have special needs; difficult veins, needle phobia, anxiety, repeat testing (standing orders), we can help make getting lab tests done more comfortable, convenient, and worry free. 

We believe in patient centered care. After all, we’re patients too and know what its like to suffer the indignity of impersonal, unsympathetic, and poorly trained medical personnel. With more than 50 years combined experience in the allied healthcare field, we have the experience to provide the best in patient care.

How much does it cost?

For those patients who have difficulty getting around or are house bound/bed bound our service is usually a less expensive alternative to costly transportation by cab or shuttle to a local lab and is more economical than charges for a visit by a homecare or hospice care nurse.

All fees include specimen collection, venipuncture (blood draw by a lab technician) if required, specimen preparation and processing, and the delivery of specimens to the lab for testing.

Fees are based on the complexity of the service required and your location in one of our service areas. The fee for a typical appointment is $65-$75.

Is the cost covered by my insurance?

The cost of the laboratory testing that will be performed by the laboratory, will be covered by your insurance carrier just the same as if you had the specimens collected at the lab. However, our fee for sending a technician to your home or office for mobile specimen collection, processing, and transport are not typically covered services. 

Bayside Mobile Medical Service is a contracted, in network, ancilliary care provider some medical groups. If you are an eligible member of a medical group like Kaiser Permanente, Brown & Toland Medical Group, Hill Physicians Medical Group, or others, you may be able to receive services at no cost to you or at a discount. However, Bayside is not able to determine if you are eligible, please contact your in-network practitioner.

If you are nont a member of a contracted medical group, we can provide you with the information you'll need to submit a claim for reimbursement to your insurance company. Reimbursement rates for specimen collection and transport vary by insurance carrier. If you are homebound, non-abulatory, or have limited mobility, an order from your doctor for the medical necessity of mobile lab services may help you obtain full reimbursement from your insurance company. 

Routine Lab Service $70

A standard lab order includes most blood tests, stool specimens, and urine specimens. This includes venipuncture (blood draw by a lab technician), specimen processing and transport. The service fee may vary according to your location in our service area.

Coumadin Level & Therapuetic Drug Monitoring $65

If you need bi-weekly or monthly blood draws to monitor therapuetic drug levels, like coumadin (warfarin) this option is for you. This option is only available with a standing order from your practitioner. We will set up a schedule to come to your home or office on the days and times you select up to six months in advance. The service fee may vary according to your location in our service areas.

Special Handling Lab Service $75 - $90

Some lab tests require special handling and processing. More time and special attention are needed to ensure the specimen is acceptable for testing. To find out if your lab tests require special handling please call. The service fee varies according to your location and the complexity of the tests ordered by your doctor. 

Specialty Lab Kit Service $35 - $75

Some doctors use test kits from laboratories that specialize in certain types of testing. There are many different types of test kits and each has a specific set of instructions for specimen collection and processing. If you purchased a lab kit online or were given one by your doctor, this option is for you. The service fee varies according to the specific type of lab kit. Specimen collection for some lab kits may be provided at not cost to you if either the laboratory or your practitioner have contracted with Bayside directly to provide you service. 

When will results be available? 

Specimens are delivered to the laboratory that you or your practitioner selected for testing the same day we collect them from you. Because Bayside Mobile Medical Service is not the laboratory that performs the testing on the samples we collect from you, we cannot control when test results will be available. However, in our experience, most routine laboratory test results are typically available within two to three business days. Some tests require more time to analyze, but normally even these test results are completed within one week. Rarely, some specialty testing can take as long as two to three weeks for results to be available. Please call your practitioenr or the laboratory directly to confirm when your tests results may be available.

Can I get a copy of my test results?

Test results are almost always sent directly to the ordering practitioner. In fact, because of the “Berman Law” in California, many laboratories, as a matter of policy, will not release resuts to anyone except the ordering provider, even if your practitioner says its ok for you to receive a copy of your lab results. Bayside Mobile Medical Service does not receive a copy of your lab results. 

Where do you provide service? 

Bayside Mobile Medical Service provides services in most major metro areas in the continental U.S. and Hawaii. We may be able to provide service to more rural areas, but a mileage fee may apply.

Scheduling an appointment

When scheduling an appointment we will need to collect some information form you to assure you receive the correct service, at the correct time, at the correct place and that your specimens are handled and delivered properly. One of the most important pieces of information we will need from you is a copy of your lab order prior to scheduling your appointment. This is important because it is critical to verify the specimen processing and handling requirements. Doing this helps prevent errors and ensures that the correct tests are completed on time. 

The most convenient way to submit your request for an appointment is by submitting your request online through our website using the link provided below. This system allow you to easily create an account, collect the information we need to provide you service, and you can submit and track your personal service request. 

Of course, you may also call our Client Service Center or submit your request by email or fax. 

Remember to allow time for lab tests to be completed before your next doctor appointment. Remember, most common lab tests can be completed within two to three business days or sooner. However, some require more time to analyze. We recommend that patients schedule an appointment with us at least two to three weeks before their next doctor appointment.