It is important to understand the unique needs of research labs in order to provide the best service possible. Whether it is for clinical trails as needed for FDA approval or environmental testing, we provide mobile phlebotomy services for clinical research labs doing human testing.

We work with many nationally known research labs that excel in providing professional and patient friendly service when collecting specimens. Our mobile medical specimen collection and delivery solutions make getting lab work easy.

Unfortunately, laboratory services and laboratory technicians have developed a very poor reputation in the industry. Lost specimens and an inability to appropriately follow protocol in an important study can eliminate the ability to move forward on life changing studies. We are changing the way people think about phlebotomists (lab techs) and laboratory services one encounter at a time.

We believe in providing professional and accurate testing. We understand the implications of not following protocol and the importance of providing the best services to your patients. With more than 50 years combined experience in the industry, we have the experience and reputable name you can feel confident standing behind.

Our mobile specimen collection solutions are available to anyone needing specimen collection support for research purposes.